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Prepare server for running:


npm install

Fix and report if something missing in dependency.

Run data/media server based on MultiRTC2.2 vs socket.io :


npm run rtc

You can use this server also for video-chat it is already implemented. It is still better to use 'npm run broadcaster' for video chat. I use this server for data communication and session staff also any other use...

Run data/media server based on MultiRTC3 PTP:

For now broadcaster use 'server\broadcaster-config.json' for input data. This will be replaced with uniq server config file.

Features comes with broadcaster:

  • Multiplatform video chat works with other hybrid frameworks or custom implementation throw the native mobile application web control (Chrome implementation usually).

  • Implemented dragable video containers.

  npm run broadcaster

Install mongoDB

mongod --dbpath data --bind_ip

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